musicians during covid-19
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Covid-19 came out of nowhere and made a lot of changings in the world. as a musician during covid-19 I felt empty. it was like the world stopped. no live shows, no events, nothing to wake up for in the morning.

It all started in March 2019 when all of a sudden Covid-19 has started to spread rapidly causing every place, event, concert, to be either canceled or shut down. at first it was freeing because it allowed me to focus on college and really get into producing and even take some time to rest. After a while, it started to drive me crazy. Concerts are a big part of the reason I enjoy being a musician! the fire, the emotions, the fear, the stress, all those emotions coming together for that one single opportunity! but the less concerts I had, the less motivation I had.

After a while of Covid-19, I started to produce my own original songs and ended up producing Sparks, Horizons, And Different Light during the pandemic and even finished Rimon School 1st Year with straight A’s! I was excited and ready to go on this new journey of production and modern music combined with my classical knowledge!! But Covid-19 had other plans.

While I thought the pandemic was about to be over, we went into another lockdown. than a 3rd one, and even a 4th one. what I thought is gonna be a matter of just a few months, ended up being 2 years of on and off lockdowns, concerts constantly being canceled or pushed back, Studying through Zoom, motivation lacking and more.

After 2 years of Covid-19, I feel lucky to be able to do again what I love in front of others, now also uploading into YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram and other music and social platforms and even if the pandemic is not over, I am glad that we were able to come together and get over that massive obstacle. As a Musician which is one of the careers that got hit the hardest during the Pandemic, I can clearly say it wasn’t easy going through it but we did it.

Stay Safe, Stay healthy, And Make Music
Yann Eldor