what is the bigest fear of musician
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Every human being has a different taste for music. some like it loud, some like it soft, some like it sweet, some like it rough, everyone has their separate identity when it comes to their taste of music or how they choose to perform music.

When it comes to being a musician yourself, there are many aspects that can lead you to have lots of fun but also lots of fear and stress.

first of all, performing by heart is a big must when it comes to performing classical music and music in general. hours of practice everyday, memorizing every note in the piece, months of months of practicing that certain piece, and there is still a chance that you go on stage and have a memory slip. it happened to even the biggest artists and it’s very common but also a huge fear before going on stages.

Second of all, Concerts are one of the best things that I can do as a musician, but there is nothing more stressful and scary than a bad crowd response. I personally had a few experiences where the pieces I brought didn’t fit the vibe, where the crowd didn’t really feel the music and didn’t response at all causing me to feel stressed on stage and that stress can lead to you not having fun on stage.

Another fear of being a musician, is not having inspiration. As a composer and producer, I found myself in times where I couldn’t make a piece or find a good phrase for a song for months. the more time passes and you are unable to come up with a phrase that you love or a new piece idea that inspires a whole new piece, it starts to slow down your motivation and even sometimes not work on a song for days just from that fear of not being able to come with new ideas.

Overall, Being a musician is a stressful, hard, and a very demanding job but, I wish to continue doing it for years to come and I enjoy every moment of making music even in the rough times, and I feel lucky to be able to make music and do what I love most.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, and Make Music
Yann Eldor