why is it so satisfy being a musician
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Being a musician gives you the Opportunity to make the world a better and happier place. You are able to make your own original pieces, Make your own remixes and covers for existing songs that you love, You have a range of thousands of instruments that you can learn and play, and on top of it all, perform on stages and concerts

1st of all, Music gives me the opportunity to express myself in my own unique style. Being able to play the violin in my own certain way and with my own interpretation, composing pieces that came out of my mind with lots of hard work and lots of time spent, and producing them in my own style and my own instruments, it just feels so satisfying looking at the final product and seeing that something that started just from a single phrase ended up being a song that I enjoy listening to on a daily basis!

2nd of all, The stages gives me an opportunity to share my music and love of music to many types of people. Going on stage has to be one of the main reasons I enjoy being a musician, and when I go on stage with my own original pieces, covers of songs and more, I am able to share the hard work and hundreds of hours I have put into those pieces of music and share with the world my music!!

Another thing that makes being a musician so satisfying, is a good crowd response. Nothing feels better than going on stage with your pieces and songs and getting the crowd all hyped! you hear them singing, you see them dancing, you hear them clapping, it as a musician, nothing motivates me more and makes a concert better for me than having a good crowd!!

In conclusion, Being a musician can be demanding and a hard job, but nothing feels more satisfying than doing what you love most and getting appreciated for what you do!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, And Make Music
Yann Eldor